Office Hours

Join group office hours to get your
burning questions answered.


This is a beta trial (April - May 2018) being offered on a complimentary basis to a select group of clients for a limited time.



Profit First Office Hours
will be offered at the following times:

Tue, Apr 3  3:00 PM

Tue, Apr 17  10:00 AM

Tue, May 1  3:00 PM

Tue, May 15  10:00 AM

Tue, May 29 3:00 PM

Nuts and Bolts Office Hours
will be offered at the following times:

Wed, Apr 11 10:00 AM

Wed, Apr 25 2:00 PM

Wed, May 09 10:00 AM

Wed, May 23, 2:00 PM

Would I need to attend all sessions, only one session, some sessions as I can, etc.? 

You only have to register once. Attend whichever sessions that you want, whenever it is convenient for you. (One, all, none...totally up to you). I just ask that you register so that I can update you if need be. 

This is one element of the Prosper by Design Academy that I will be launching late 2018/early 2019 in my efforts to continually strengthen the support to available to my clients.

If you already have a Profit First engagement with me, you can, of course reach out and set up a call with me at any time. In fact, I just posted a new page on my website to make this easier - So please don't feel that Office Hours are your only way to access me if you already have a Profit First engagement. On the other hand, sometimes interesting things happen in group discussions that don't happen in one-on-one sessions.

Is this only for current clients or for anyone possibly interested in PF?

I am opening this up to a few folks who are not current clients. If you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to send them this link: This page is not publicly visible on my website.