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I am Founder and Principal of Viridian Analytics. I draw on my background in finance, urban planning, and decision science to grow the profitability of entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

I  help business owners make sound data-driven decisions so that they can move towards their visions with confidence.  My gift is my ability to move fluidly between grounded data (i.e. cold-hard reality) and big picture vistas (i.e. your entrepreneurial hopes, dreams, fears, and inspiration). By helping you navigate the confounding territory between possibility and truth, I help you understand your true business and personal goals, and to chart a course to making them a reality. 

How do I do this? I am not your typical financial advisor. And, if you find my mix of experience in anyone else, dinner is on me...and please invite my doppleganger to join us!

I blend my superpowers in finance, decision science, and organizational change to guide my clients on a path towards profitability. In addition to advising small business and growth-stage companies in Profit First implementation, I develop company- and industry- specific tools, models, and training using the Profit First framework to support her clients’ individual needs.

I have seventeen years of experience working with a variety of organizations to find manageable solutions to wicked problems. I have made revolutionary changes in small and mid-sized businesses, cities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and the federal government. My financial acumen was honed through helping countless small businesses gain financial clarity as well as strengthening hedge fund investment strategies through modeling and forecasting company fundamentals and industry trends.  The constant, for me, is the undying focus on strategic, systems-level thinking.

I hold a Master’s in City Planning from M.I.T. where I was named an Energy Fellow and a Graduate Woman of Excellence for my leadership and service contributions. The US Environmental Protection Agency subsequently granted me an Honor Award for her work supporting municipal decision making.