Q+A on Steroids

Do you have a burning question about finance - your accounting software, how to fix your invoicing system, how to stop running out of money every month, how to sync up your operations with your financial system? This is the place to ask. The answer may be published in my upcoming podcast or blog, but your identity will always be kept confidential (unless you desire otherwise).

One-on-One Support

Do you want your burning questions answered face-to-face and screen-to-screen. Set up a video call.  I can help you with technical questions, profit first implementation, strategy sessions, goal-setting, or any other support your heart desires.

Ongoing DIY Support

The DIY Support Plan is perfect for the business owner that just needs a little extra help every now and then. Use the calls for whatever you want:

  • QuickBooks or Xero support
  • Profit First consulting
  • Strategy sessions
  • Help running reports or understanding the numbers
  • Excel or Access support
  • Goal-setting and accountability check-ins
  • Whatever else your heart desires

This plan is a perfect alternative for start-ups or small business owners who don't have the budget for full-service accounting, or who are compelled to be their own CFO. Do it yourself, but be sure you are doing it right!