For Government:

DUNS: 080314091

Social Science

We design and conduct research that draws on methodologies from a breadth of social science disciplines, including sociology, economics, anthropology, decision science, urban planning, geography, and political science.  Our research investigates socio-economic contexts to environmental decision making, environmental and societal impacts of human behavior, institutional and organizational behavior, public policy efficacy and outcomes, and more.

Decision Analysis + Support

Improvement of community and environmental decision making is at the core of Viridian's mission. We utilize decision science, rigorous data analytics and visualization methods, and integration of multi-stakeholder perspectives to produce high-impact tools for both research and practice.


Reports + Publications

Our skilled writers can produce peer reviewed publications, planning documents, internal reports, magazine articles, PR materials, or any other written material. We can take a document from first draft all the way through journal submission, or step in at any point in the editorial process. We pride ourselves on clarity and precision, and believe that science and planning documents should be easy to read without sacrificing truth.   

Research Design + Implementation

Viridian provides research plans and implementation for both basic and applied research, including background literature reviews; methodological development; survey, interview, or other data collection instruments; statistical and other analytic methods; and quality control procedures.


Planning + Policy

Land use, municipal management, and urban/regional planning are integral to sustainability science and planning. Viridian combines expertise in land use, transportation, urban design, climate and energy, community resiliency, public policy, and environmental management to support sustainable decision making at the community and regional scales.

Quality Assurance +
Quality Control Documentation

Viridian provides Quality Assurance Project Plans, Quality Assurance Supplements, Quality Assurance Management Plans, or other QA/QC-related documentation or research design as needed.  In addition to providing traditional QA documentation for environmental science or software development, we are adept at bridging the gap between social science methodologies and QA requirements intended for biophysical sciences.


Computing + Data Management

Viridian excels at integrating computing services into the development of scientific products and practice-based tools. We consider the end product in early stages of research design, and we consider the end-user throughout the development process. Our agile development process provides our clients with flexibility and open lines of communication. Our computing services include:

  • Software and web application development
  • Data visualization
  • Geospatial computing (GIS)
  • Database design and management

Environmental Science + Natural Resource Management

Viridian employs assessment, analysis, and modeling methods from ecology and natural resource sciences to improve understanding of environmental condition and to forecast change. We are adept at integrating biophysical and social sciences to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions between human and natural systems.


Stakeholder Assessment

Viridian is versed in a variety of methods for assessing and engaging stakeholders.  Stakeholder perspectives, priorities, and networks are assessed using rigorous social science methodologies.  Data is stored in an accessible platform that can be customized based on client needs.

Facilitation, Consensus Building, + Technical Assistance/Training

Whether it's a single workshop, a training series, or an in-depth consensus building process, Viridian delivers high-quality technical and logistical support. We focus on maximizing stakeholder participation, presenting information in clear and compelling formats, and increasing capacity though ongoing and self-sustained engagement with information sources and professional/social networks. , 


GIS + Geospatial

Our team consists of high-level GIS experts as well as scientists and planners with GIS expertise who regularly integrate geospatial analysis into their work. This breadth of experience means that we can offer a range of GIS solutions. In addition to GIS-centric projects such as spatial planning, data development, data management, and cartography, we are adept at integrating geospatial elements into a variety of other research and planning projects lead by subject-area experts.

Data Science

We apply advanced statistical techniques to data analysis, modeling, predictive analysis, simulations, and application development.